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I would like to present to you a new concept – The Spanish Wine Centre.  We offer a large variety of Wines, Cavas, and Vinegars from all the regions of Spain.  Our centre is situated on the provincial border of Barcelona and Tarragona in Spain.  We provide a unique service, whereby all of the products are available from one site.  It is our aim to make your ordering process straightforward and productive.  We are currently operating in 15 countries with major companies who are already enjoying the benefits of our service.

History and concept
During the development of our centre, a great deal of investigation was undertaken in the field of facilitating and simplifying the acquisition of Spanish wines and related merchandise for prospective clients.  We commenced this study of the market in 2007.  Our analysis revealed that there is considerable room for improvement in this sector.  In the following information, we illustrate how we found the solution to overcome the deficiencies in this area.

Drawbacks using the conventional method of ordering wines
When it comes to ordering Spanish wines, and their associated products, the selection of Spanish Wine Houses that you can choose from is extensive.  Here lies the very problem.  As there are so many different companies that you could, and possibly do, use, necessitates the need to do business with each establishment on an individual basis.

This may involve sending a representative from your firm to visit the various Spanish Wine Houses in order to examine their collection prior to ordering.  However, this can incur substantial costs, for example, flights, hotel, car hire, etc. as well as the time spent away from your business, especially as your representative will only be visiting one Wine House at any given time.  This practice could potentially result in selecting the wrong collection for your requirements.  The reason being is that you are restricted to viewing one label at a time, and not having the opportunity to examine all of the products that the other labels have to offer, at the same viewing, thereby limiting your selection.

Another disadvantage when placing your order in the traditional manner will mean generating documentation for each Spanish Wine House that you do business with.  This will also entail arranging individual payments.  Also, you may have to contend with receiving deliveries on different days and times during the week.  These processes are likely to be time intensive and costly.

Our service provides you with an unrivalled opportunity to choose from a comprehensive selection of Spanish wines, cavas, brandies and vinegars.  One of the main advantages of using our centre is that you can view, and order, a large assortment of branded products simultaneously.  This provides you with a much wider choice when selecting your collection, which in turn, ensures your requirements are fully met.  We regularly update our range, in order to make available the latest products, and provide a diverse selection. Another benefit we offer to our clients is the free service of an expert, for advice on all of the products we supply, and, who can, if you wish, make an order on your behalf.  Additionally, every 3 months we issue a circular, which you may find of interest, and which may be helpful when ordering your collection.  Also, all orders we receive are always despatched complete, never in part.

A further advantage when ordering with our service is that you will receive only one invoice, and need to make only one payment, per order, regardless of the number of different brands you request on your order.  Included in our service is the option to have merchandise embellished with your own label, if you wish.  Using our centre eliminates the need for your representative to visit an array of Spanish Wine Houses.  They now need only one place of contact – The Spanish Wine Centre.

Organization of the centre
We are currently operating through an internet website as a virtual centre.  However, within the next few years we will have constructed an actual building allowing us to display a tangible exhibition of all the products we have to offer, in addition to our website.

We have a team of people at your disposal, with the information and expertise to ensure that you have chosen the correct collection for your needs.  We have a department to answer all of your queries about new wines, different types of wines, for example, types of wines suitable for different climates in different countries, and any other related questions.  We maintain a client database for orders, mail shots, communications, support, etc.

When you make a purchase from our centre you will not only save on the cost of the product, but also save on transport and travel expenses, as well as time.  We hope that shortly, you will be seeing what a difference our centre can make for you.  We offer a valuable service with the aim to enhance and refine your collection of Spanish wines, cavas, brandies and vinegars, and make your ordering experience one that is effortless and rewarding.  Let us, The Spanish Wine Centre, be your exclusive supplier of these products, so that you can start enjoying all the benefits we have to offer.

We very much look forward to doing business with you.

Yours truly,

Hadriel Radovitzky

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